• Beer
  • Wine, mead
  • Coke, soda, water
  • Coffee
  • Jacky-Coke, Vodka-Lemon, Rum-Coke, Vodka-Energy, Gin-Tonic
  • Odin-Drink honey beer
  • ...



  • Fresh pretzel
  • Fried potatoes
  • Farmer bratwurst in fresh bun
  • Meatball with mustard
  • Dumplings with mushroom cream sauce



  1. Parking
    Parking is possible in the immediate vicinity of the castle priced 2.00 Euro each car. Please pay attention to the instructions of our parking staff. In case the parking-area is completely occupied, there is an alternative free parking space and a free shuttle bus to the castle and back.

  2. Camping
    We provide an unguarded meadow for camping. The meadow is illuminated, near the parking lots and very close to the castle. Please keep the meadow clean, we put up enough trash cans. Barbecues are not allowed on the meadow, because later it is used for horses and cows again. There is a mobile toilet on the campsite and more in the castle, they are also consistently accessible.

  3. Breakfast
    Hotel guests can start breakfast at 09:00. Tent guests can register for breakfast on the evening of the event, which costs 12.50 Euro and can then also be visited from 09:00.

  4. Drinks
    Own drinks within the castle are not allowed. There will again be a separate currency, which is needed to buy the drinks. The rest of thalers can be exchanged for the full price at any time. And again, the Druckluftkammer has its own "Long Island Iced Tea"-bar at the event.

  5. Food
    There will be a food stand again at the castle during the event. The restaurant of the castle opens the next day from 11 clock.

  6. Cloakroom
    Once again there is a cloakroom where you can hand over jackets, bags, shoes or umbrellas.

  7. Tickets
    The tickets are available in the presale at the price of 15.00 Euro. At the box office we keep the remaining tickets for the price of 18.00 Euro, provided that we have tickets left after presale. Please note the informations in the days before the event.

  8. Access
    Upon first admission, the ticket will be exchanged for a ribbon. Visitors aged 16 or 17 may only stay at the event after midnight with a person entitled to custody.

  9. Photos / videos
    We have some photographers and a local film crew to capture the impressions of the evening. Of course, you are allowed to take your own cameras with you. Please respect the wishes of the other guests, as our photographers will handle it.

  10. Schedule
    The event starts at 7 pm. Some dance floors are outdoor. Especially at night, it can be quite cool at the castle, so we recommend sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing.

  11. Accessibility
    Unfortunately, because the venue is a medieval castle with steep steps, uneven floors and narrow passageways, we can not provide accessibility. In particular, wheelchair users should inform themselves about the conditions before visiting the Ehrenburg.


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