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Dear fans of our Castrum Nigra.

We cancel Castrum Nigra 2020 for moral and ethical reasons.

Until the very end, we had the hope that new results or medical breakthroughs in corona research would lead to a more relaxed situation and maybe not everything would have to be suspended in 2020. Unfortunately, there is currently no reason to be relaxed and therefore no return to normal.

We would rather do nothing than a relaxed celebration and enjoy life with all of you, that's for sure. However, this is simply not possible in these times, the current situation simply does not exist yet, the risk from the virus is still there. Unfortunately, we all have to go through it now, with all the consequences and as hard as it gets for many. But everyone's health comes first.

Although some rules for events have been relaxed, this could also lead to a further increase in infections at any time and thus to a new shutdown. And even if, contrary to reason, we wanted to carry out the Castrum Nigra in compliance with all relaxation rules, this would in no way be a real Castrum Nigra. The main legal obstacles are:

- Event ends at 10 p.m.
- Number of visitors limited to 250 people

So if there are people among you who rate the danger from the virus less dramatically, please note that these two points would be the reason for the cancellation at the latest and a corona discussion here cannot do anything positive and we don't want to be a platform for another discussion.

We have deliberately not sold any tickets in order to save you and us the frustration, the costs and the work with chargebacks, rebookings, vouchers and the like. Overall, we were able to keep the previous costs very low because our long-term partners have found solutions with us to suspend, postpone or cancel the contracts.

In order to cover the costs incurred so far and to fill the small hole in the cash register, we have considered selling the tickets at a price of 2 euros in the form of a solidarity ticket as a simple souvenir. If you like, you can order one or more tickets, we will send them to your address as usual. So at least you have something for on the pinboard and we simply reposition ourselves for the Castrum Nigra 2021.

And as a little treat, the pre-made shirts from 2020 are also available in the shop. These are limited to 25 pieces, so there is a chance for a real little rarity.

So, thanks for your attention, please everyone stay healthy and please stay a fan of us.

Markus and the team of Castrum Nigra.


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