Our shuttle-bus offers 40 seats and is driving two times from Koblenz to the Ehrenburg and back. He starts at the coach station near railway main station in Koblenz (in front of "Sparda"-bank) and at the main road near the Ehrenburg. Hop-on-hop-off is possible at Waldesch. Using our bus is free of charge. Please pay attention for a bus signed with "DOTT Reisen". There is an additional parking space in Oppenhausen, free of charge, but maybe to far to walk. Our free shuttle-bus can be used at following times.


Koblenz main station -> Ehrenburg Brodenbach

  • 18:45 in Koblenz (hop-on at 19:00 in Waldesch)
  • 20:00 in Koblenz (hop-on at 20:15 in Waldesch)


Ehrenburg Brodenbach -> Koblenz main station

  • 03:20 at the main road to Ehrenburg
  • 05:20 at the main road to Ehrenburg


Free parking area Oppenhausen -> Ehrenburg Brodenbach

  • between 21:30 and 00:00, the bus will take you from Oppenhausen to the castle about every 20 minutes by shuttle service


Ehrenburg Brodenbach -> Free parking area Oppenhausen

  • between 02:00 and 03:00, the bus shuttles from the castle to Oppenhausen
  • then it drives to Koblenz at 03:20
  • and between 04:30 and 05:00 it shuttles again from the castle to Oppenhausen
  • and finally it drives to Koblenz again at 05:20


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